boiler - factorio wiki

Boiler - Factorio Wiki

Dimensions: 2×3

Electric Boiler - Factorio Mods

Adds an Electric Boiler machine to the game. The Electric Boiler will only produce enough power to sustain itself, so it won't power your machines and/or inserters in a vanilla game. The Electric Boilers that appears with Bob's can produce more than they can consume on higher tiers.

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bob's power - factorio mods

Bob's Power - Factorio Mods

Login with Factorio. mods. How do I install | make mods? Submit mod Recently Updated Most downloaded Trending; Bob's Power. i rename "Oil burning boiler" to "Fluid burning boiler" 2. b Issue with the boilers after .16 update. 1. posted by AzraelSorrow 2 years ago. last …

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[mod 0.12.11+] oil steam boiler - factorio forums

[MOD 0.12.11+] Oil Steam Boiler - Factorio Forums

2015-12-19 · This mod looks awesome! May I add a comment: When I where in Prague about two month ago I talked with Albert a lot. He told me, the Factorio-Look is, that it is fully functional, but looks a bit broken, crappy, as it will break. That would be cool here, especially with those fat boilers, that look, as if the will explode every moment.

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electric boiler - factorio mods

Electric Boiler - Factorio Mods

Hello folks, the idea of this mod (not working yet, adjusting some small stuff to make it work 100%) is to make boilers behave like furnaces, you have the "burner" furnaces which uses fuel to make stuff, regular boilers takes fuel to make steam, this mod would add a new type of boiler that uses electricity to make steam, just like the electrical furnaces version of furnaces.

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food industry 2 (beta) - factorio mods

Food Industry 2 (beta) - Factorio Mods

This mod adds hunger, so you have to eat in order to survive. You will have to search for wild plants or eat poisonous biter flesh. You consume more Energy when you run, and even more when you have a armor on and its durability. The consumption also depends on the grid slots filled.

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factorio mods

Factorio Mods

This mod adds a more realistic nuclear reactor, a breeder reactor and a cooling tower. The reactors are controllable via an integrated circuit interface, and have a dynamic output depending on their temperature. They need proper cooling, otherwise a nuclear meltdown will occur.

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energy and work - factorio wiki

Energy and work - Factorio Wiki


Steam engine - Factorio Wiki

2020-3-26 · Steam engines are the most basic electricity generator, available to the player at the start of the game. They produce electricity by consuming steam, using water pumped from an offshore pump that was heated to 165°C steam with boilers or to 500°C steam with heat exchangers. Steam that has a higher temperature than the maximum temperature of the steam engine (165°C) is consumed at the

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coal - factorio wiki

Coal - Factorio Wiki

2020-3-25 · Coal is a resource found on the map. It can also be found inside huge rocks. It is used as fuel in burner machines and boilers. It can also be used in locomotives, tanks, and cars; as a fuel source. It is also a component in several weapons (such as grenades) and plastic bars.

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